More Leftist BS about “threat to Capitol”

Fritz is ALL OVER IT!

First, Ace with a late report on the media/Democrat generated fear, after I pushed the “publish” button yesterday, Media/Left/NeverTrump Gins Up Panic About “Chatter” About March 4 Coup “Congress voted to make the 2020 election rules permanent — again ignoring the Constitution’s words that state legislatures will make their election laws — and then went home, claiming the risk of QAnon Shaman raiding the Capitol was just too great.” Then, Washington Post: The Panic That We and the Deep State (and Our NeverTrump Gollums) Ginned Up About a March 4 Coup By QAnon Shamanites Proves to be “A Mirage” “You don’t say.” And finally And Here We Go: Now There Is “Intelligence” That the Coup That Didn’t Happen Today Will Instead Happen on March 20th, Or Maybe April 15th, Or… Maybe a Randomly Selected Day Every Month Until The End of Time

Why it’s almost as if we’re in a state of Permanent Coup, of the Deep State against those outside of the Corporate-Government Complex.

They will keep inventing these “Next Expected Day of a QAnon Coup” days forever, one national emergency flowing smoothly into the next. Am Mil News, House cancels Thurs. votes over Capitol attack warnings by FBI, DHS; reports. “Thousands of National Guard troops remain in Washington D.C. and an actual attack on the Capitol is unlikely.” No shit. And Capitol Police request Nat’l Guard at US Capitol for 2 more months.  Bruce Carroll at PJ Media, U.S. Capitol May Stay Militarized Well Into Spring. Nope, Ace is right, the Praetorian Guard is here to stay, one way or another. At NYPo, Miranda Devine discusses Nancy Pelosi’s Capitol pawns and at Town Hall Leah Barkoukis notices how Tucker Carlson Zeroes in on the Left’s ‘Biggest Fear’

Perpetual Leftist BS folks go read it all. Can you say massive power grab?

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