How to fix universities?

Animal is a blogger, and a thinker. Here are some great points about reforming our broken universities he recently came across

Last week I stumbled across this, an interesting piece on higher education reform with several different perspectives.  Go, then, and read the whole thing, but here are some excerpts I found interesting, with my comments.

In their paper, Rogge and Goodrich outlined their ideal of a free society as one in which each individual was free to do anything that was peaceful, behaved responsibly, and not subjected to intimidation. But for such a society to exist, citizens must be educated accordingly. This, in turn, raises questions about the purpose of education, the political and economic arrangements that would best support this purpose, and what educational techniques should be deployed. For Rogge and Goodrich, the purpose of education should be left to the individual to decide and, because of this, the state should have no role in education. A private educational system rather than a public one would provide better educational opportunities to students and be more economically efficient for society.

I can’t agree with this strongly enough.  The current system of public education, for the most part, is not failing; it has failed.  With the exception of a few STEM programs (Colorado School of Mines comes to mind) a large part of the university system has shifted too many resources into bullshit Ethnic Underwater Dog-Polishing Studies and other such horseshit that do nothing, nothing whatsoever, to produce young adults with marketable skills.  A private system would at least be market-based, and also (biggest part, here) privately funded, meaning that taxpayer funding of horseshit would end.  Squishy private colleges would be free to offer these degrees, but it’s pretty obvious that without taxpayer props they wouldn’t last long churning out graduates suited for nothing more than waiting tables.

Go read it all, I agree that privatizing college, and scrapping useless courses would be tremendously beneficial. GET THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF IT!

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