Friday Reads of Interest

Wirecutter Leads off with the latest in Toobinating

Irish has this dog, which sort of represents Team Biden

The Lid reminds us that yes, EVERYTHING is RAAAAACIST!!

According to Michelle Baruchman, the “Traffic Lab engagement editor” for the Seattle Times, a group of black and Hispanic activists demand that King County dump its bicycle safety law requiring people to wear helmets while riding bikes.

Why? Because they say minorities and homeless people can’t afford helmets, and they should not be barred from riding their bikes just because the government has decreed that you can’t ride without one.

And, Weasel Zippers notes that China is already giving it to Americans in the, well you know

Via NBC:

U.S. diplomats in China were subjected to anal swab tests for Covid-19, a Department of State spokesperson confirmed Thursday, adding that a protest had been lodged with the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The United States had received assurances from China that the tests were done in error and that diplomatic personnel were exempt from this specific testing requirement, the spokesperson said.

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