So, what about me?

Well, this year, so far, has been kicking my ass. Caring for my mom full time is tough. Monitoring and controlling her diabetes is fairly easy. Making, and taking her to all the doctor appointments? Not too tough, except her strong distaste for doctor visits. Then there are her dialysis, three days a week, preparing nearly every meal, all 0f these are not too bad, combined? They are draining me, mainly because I am battling arthritis, and maybe some other maladies, have not seen a doctor yet so I have no idea what. Suffice it to say I am LOT slower than usual, leg cramping, and some balance issues have pretty much eradicated my ability to do yard work. My knees are awful. A trip to the grocery store? One thing I enjoy, has become too taxing. So, I shop on my phone or PC, and pick it up at Wal Mart. I tell y’all these things not for pity, or sympathy, but as a way to explain my lack of posting much lately I am sorry for that. Anyway I will get to a doctor soon and see if they can see what is ravaging my body, so, prayers are much appreciated. Thank you all for understanding

4 thoughts on “So, what about me?”

  1. I recommend talking to her renal doctor about the possibility of peritoneal dialysis at home. It’s nightly, but done during sleep, and the products needed are delivered right to the house as needed.

  2. Do you have the option of having a care giver come in once or twice a week? Simply just to give you a small break. Taking care of loved ones is no joke! It’s possible this may be covered by medicaid/care. Sending prayers your way.

  3. Doug, you’re a real saint. I don’t know what I’d do if not for my saintly daughter. Be assured your mother knows how much you’ve sacrificed.

  4. Take care of yourself. My grandmother almost killed herself caring for my grandfather, and my mother nearly killed herself caring for my grandmother. And I know from personal experience that caring for sick and aging parents is no joke.

    Having someone come in once in a while is an absolute must. Just to maintain sanity. Though everything is still mostly closed thanks to the COVID, I went out just to get a coffee, and not deal with the reality of the situation. But do take care of yourself.

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