On this episode of Wrong Truck Moron……

Self-Defense, the ultimate human right Via The Zendo One

He Thought Breaking into the Truck Was a Good Idea

He was wrong. Man shot while trying to break big rig’s windows, dies

The trucker was inside the cab of the big rig, when this guy thought he would try to break in.

Deb also has this news about another “good kid”

We are supposed to ignore the fact that he just shot at 3 police officers. He missed. NYPD cops shoot graffiti vandal after he opens fire on them – New York Daily News

“My son’s not a bad kid,” he said. “He’s finding his way, you know? Me and him got into it. I feel a little guilty because I told him to leave . . . And he didn’t come back. And I thought he got a hotel room, because he left with his girlfriend.”

What were you doing when you were a teenager? I’m guessing it didn’t include shooting at cops.

And of course the father doesn’t believe what the police are saying about his perfect son. I mean just because he kicked his son out of the home doesn’t mean he isn’t Father-of-the-Year Material. And it doesn’t mean that the son isn’t a choirboy. Or something.

2 thoughts on “On this episode of Wrong Truck Moron……”

  1. My friend I’m sorry to hear all that but I can tell you from experience that I miss that. Dad died in 91 and I shattered my legs Christmas that year. The doctors gave up on me walking again, Ma didn’t. She got me back up moving , climbing ladders, walking , pretty functional. Then it became my time she got breast cancer the 1st time, I got another dui then . So we helped each other she got me sober and I got her thru radiation. Things got better I met a smart woman she told me don’t always question why ,the universe is funny you may never understand but usually at some point things become clear. Anyway Apr17 Ma had a stroke her health was good until then but now it was time for my special people skills. Drunk I’m a miserable SOB, sober I’ve been called worse so I became her health advocate. I spent 3 years every day trying to figure out how to get what she needed and stay afloat.. With the stroke came the dementia the long nights holding her hand when she got scared then no sleep the aide would come in and off to another 10 hr shift no sleep worrying if she’d be there when I got home. She’s gone now just over a year. Strangely I miss making those calls. I’m 60 I go to get my joints pumped full of steroids so I can stand up stit in a dark house and now understand what she meant long ago. It’s a PITA now , taking care of someone else’s needs, your time on their problems. wears you out but always remember she was there when you fell picked you up made it better , held you when you got scared, pushed you to do better, made the cookies when your world crashed down on you. Now it’s time for you to do the same. Make your mom laugh it will make it better. I live each day not regretting one single sleepless night the endless phone calls, arguing with the doctors. Those are all memories that do push me to get out of bed , stand up and face the daily challenges. My only regret or wish is that even though I did all I possibly could gave everything I could for her care , I regret I’ll never see her smile again , hear her voice and wish I had but one more day with her. Stay strong it will get better the worse then horrible but slowly it gets better again.

  2. “He was a good boy. He was turning his life around. He was on his way to being a brain surgeon after curing cancer, and…”

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