Maxine Waters the Crazy Cat Lady of the House

I am not sure she owns cats, but, the nickname would seem to apply to Mad Maxine regardless

Congresswoman Maxine Waters has been quite the rabble-rouser as of late, flinging fiery vitriol from all corners of the liberal spectrum each and every time she’s allowed to do so. One of her most infamous incidents came as the California legislator demanded that her constituents confront Republicans wherever they are, making them feel unwelcome and uncomfortable. 

However, when confronted with this reality on by MSNBC’s Ali Velshi Waters seemed to deny what she had insinuated, even after being forced to watch a clip of the call to action during the interview. Velshi asked Waters on Sunday if she had ever “glorified or encouraged” violence against Republicans, as her comments about confronting members of the Trump cabinet  have recently resurfaced because of the Democrats’ fake impeachment of President Trump (Waters, Velshi interview at bottom of post).

And The Lid points to this “non-threatening” Maxine moment

Take him out? HMMM, sure could be seen as threatening right? Not according to Mad Maxine

Things that make you doubt Democrats integrity, and sanity, especially Maxine Waters Take note she, ONCE more retold the “children in cages” lie

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