The latest Leftist FAIL?

Replacing Police With Social Workers!! I know, stunning right? The Zendo one is not shocked

So what happens when you send Social Workers into a dangerous situation? Ousting Chicago Police in Favor of Social Workers Would Court Disaster | Chicago Contrarian

As part of the Defund the Police Insanity, Chicago is having Social Workers respond to some cases of emotionally disturbed persons. Can you guess how that is working out?

Here are some details from an incident that took place in early January. Though the details are vague…

Upon their arrival at the woman’s apartment, the pair of social workers learned they had opened a window to Hell: The mentally ill woman sadly underwent a severe psychotic outburst and produced a knife, threatening both social workers. A fearsome sight, the social workers fled the apartment and immediately contacted police.

Shortly after patrolmen arrived at the scene, officers confronting the ill woman determined their options were limited and attempting to cope with the woman themselves would only aggravate matters or expose themselves to grievous injury. Recognizing the danger to residents and themselves, the patrolmen resolved to hand the matter over to a specialized unit, SWAT

The issue was simple to see. Leftists, who possess zero common sense, felt that police were not properly trained to deal with certain people having a “mental crisis”. Fair enough, but what the brain donors missed was that social workers are not trained to handle situations police are trained to handle. Rather than seek a balanced approach, if that is indeed feasible, of training police in some manner to better handle those in mental crisis, the left just blamed police forced to shoot armed, dangerous people. Rather than looking for a realistic approach, they did what the left always does. They got out a very broad brush and decided to do what “felt good” and make themselves look smart. As usual, FAIL soon followed

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