Yes Chicago is still wash in violence

It just does not stop, and will not until the city rejects soft on crime, social justice absorbed political con men and elects leaders, but do not expect that to happen any time soon Like all large Democratrun cities, Chicago is run by leftists and Democrats, but I repeat myself

HeyJackass! has the January Wrap-up

Chicago had 53 murders in January, a 43 percent increase over 2020. There were a 197 people shot and wounded, and increase of 41 percent over the prior year. Probably doesn’t bode well for the year as a whole.

Groups like BLM, if they were truly concerned about saving lives, could be a tremendous help, but they prefer racially divisive narratives, handcuffing police, and allowing violent felons out of jail. In short everything they do exacerbates the problem, rather than solve it. And yes, all of this violence and death does affect the Black community at a “disproportionate” level. But again BLM, and other Marxist groups could not give the first damn about that. They much prefer attacking police and anyone who dares try to address the underlying issues like the total absence of fathers in so many homes.

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