Now Acronyms are RAAAAACIST

And thus must be cancelled

Diogenes rips into this latest bit of idiocy

Just Days after the San Francisco Unified School District board (SFUSD) moved to rename 44 schools, including those named after Presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson, because their namesakes were “inappropriate”,  the School District’s art program decided to drop its former name, “VAPA,” because…………..”acronyms are a symptom of white supremacy culture.” I shit you not.
As reported in the WFB, according to district art department director Sam Bass, the acronym, which stood for “visual and performing arts,” could “alienate” non-native English speakers. Alienate???
The decision to change the art department’s name was one of a handful of so called feel good antiracist measures the district voted to implement. The art department is working to prioritize “antiracist arts instruction.” San Francisco school board president Gabriela López said the board is “committed” to dismantling “symbols of racism and White supremacy culture.”

Oh for fucks sake, why the hell does anyone take this load of BS seriously? WE have somehow empowered morons and whiners to positions of power, and they are busy erasing this country bit by bit Diogenes points out that the left is not Big Brother pushing censorship, oh no. They are, instead “Harm Reducers” Yes, really

Note how Stelter paints anyone that warns of looming censorship as loony somehow. A tried and true leftist tactic. Demonize your opponent, and seek to paint them as dangerous. Useful idiots like Stelter is all too happy to be used in such a way. Useful idiots always are, until they say the wrong thing of course, then when the monster they helped create comes for them, they might get it. If they ever studied history, they might see their own foolishness, but how can you read history when you have helped erase it? People like Stelter and Nicholas Kristof of course are eager to let us know they LOVE free speech, then label anyone who says what they do not like an evil terrorist who should be prevented from “harming”

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