Leftism is an ideology of mal-adjusted, miscreants whose only skill is being perpetually bitter

Observe Perpetual Bitterness Syndrome

After Drake University Associate English Professor Beth Younger proclaimed her “hatred” for Republicans on social media, the university president addressed the controversial comments in a school-wide email on Wednesday.

Younger tweeted on October 26th, “I was just pondering how much hatred I feel towards all the Republican a**holes. They need to suffer.”

Well, she seems nice right?

On January 7, Younger also targeted Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) who led the charge on objecting to the electoral college certification, responding to his tweet with “F*** off you piece of s***.” 

Younger responded to Turning Point USA founder Charlier Kirk who called Hawley a “great American” by saying “F*** off Charlie. Your party is the party of sedition. The party of lies.”

Ah yes, another open-minded Leftist

3 thoughts on “Leftism is an ideology of mal-adjusted, miscreants whose only skill is being perpetually bitter”

  1. You have better chnce of reasoning with a rabid junk yard dog than one of these lobotomized progressives. They were all abused as children by their trany parents and are now filled with hatred, envy, self loathing, greed and depravity.

  2. It would appear that the ugly middle aged, bitter female who have been given a job for purely “diverse” reasons(there never really ever seems to be any evidence of true academic worth in their regimes if you look) has finally found her real niche. All those decades of rejection by men (and women) and now it is time for payback.

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