Kafka indeed!

The Other McCain explains the current tactics being used by the left to SHUT YOU UP!

Earlier today, I took note of how the “extremist” label is being used by the media to smear all opposition to the Biden administration, as a pretext for silencing all criticism of the Biden administration. And as I noted, this accusation of “extremism” is a Kafkatrap — a sort of circular argument, whereby denying guilt is taken as proof of guilt.

Liberals argue this way habitually, and never get called out for it. They will claim that a certain policy proposal is intended to help a certain category of (allegedly) oppressed people and, if you dare criticize or oppose their policy for any reason, you will be accused of Thoughtcrime, i.e., some sort of hate toward the oppressed victim group. Anyone who objects that such accusations are unfair — “I’ve known Tom for years, there’s not a prejudiced bone in his body” — will be accused of sympathizing with the haters. You are just like a “good German,” complicit in the Nazi murder six million Jews. No protest of innocence can save you, once you are so accused.  If, for example, you think it’s a bad idea for the federal government to mandate that “transwomen” compete in women’s athletics, you will be accused of murderous hatred toward transgendered people. The next time a “transwoman of color” is murdered in Chicagothe blood is on your hands! Never mind the fact that you’ve never been to Chicago, a place where becoming a murder victim is notoriously easy. Because of (a) your policy disagreement with liberals, (b) you are a “hater,” and therefore (c) your opinion is invalid, and (d) you deserve to be “doxxed” and fired from your job.

Be sure to take the time to read it all, it is essential to understand what the left is doing to free speech The fact is freedom of speech matters not if we are afraid to use it. And that is wat the left is pushing now. While they can never ban thoughts, they can bully people into silence rather than sharing those thoughts. The end result will be the same

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