WE knew Biden would be a disaster……..

Yet, 81 million people voted for him? We really have become a nation of idiots

Aged white man with 43 years representing Delaware in D.C. tweets about systemic racism:

“The fact is systemic racism touches every facet of American life, and everyone — no matter your race or ethnicity — benefits when we build a more equitable America.”

I think it’s unlikely that Biden wrote this himself. Has he internalized critical race theory ideology? I doubt very seriously if he even read this, and if he did, if he understood it. If he did write it, did he understand what it says about his own ascendancy in American political life? Considering all Biden’s insensitive and racist remarks over the past 40+ years – yes it’s a solid bet Biden did not say that.

At Chicks on the Right Ksenya Aleksandrova ponders how long it will take Biden voters to realize what they have done

You ever hear stories of someone buying a used car only to have it break down a mile from the lot? That car is Joe Biden. Do you know a person who invested in a fixer upper only to find it had asbestos, lead paint, a radon gas leak, and no one willing to approve building permits for renovations? That waste of space is Joe “I don’t know what I’m signing” Biden.

I knew his leadership would be bad, but I have whiplash at this point, it’s SO BAD. The Titanic sank slower than this. In his first week in office, Biden has taken the phrase “hold my beer” as a personal challenge. Hold his pudding cup and hand him a pen, it’s going down!

As old Joe uses his walker to guide our country into war, confusion, and economic collapse with countless executive orders, conservatives everywhere are eager to hear from Biden voters. Is this what you wanted? Is this really what you voted for, or were you so incensed by CNN reports of “Orange man bad” or “Trump’s words are mean” that you had no idea what Joe planned to do? Oh, don’t be silent now! I would like a formal apology for your stupidity.

AMEN!! Go read it all

3 thoughts on “WE knew Biden would be a disaster……..”

  1. Massive Voter fraud elected Bumbling Biden, not actual voters. Everyone knows the scam that was pulled off upon the American Voters. Trump also dropped the ball, whether intentionally or unintentionally, and all but a handful of our politicians and judges are paid off. America is gone.

    1. Trump and GOP should have lawyered up much sooner BEFORE election when states started ignoring their own voting laws. And He should have gotten real election lawyers not Guliani Never liked that guy

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