Most people who shoot someone shoot someone they know? So what?

Zendo Deb makes a very important point

The gun-hating Left loves to go on about how, if you own a gun, you are more likely to shoot someone you know than a stranger. That is in part because people you know are more likely to be a threat. Authorities: Lake Mathews property owner fatally shoots man in self-defense

A property owner shot and killed a former resident in self-defense during an altercation in the unincorporated community of Lake Mathews, sheriff’s officials said Sunday.

It was clear they knew each other. The guy who got shot, showed up and threatened the people living in the house. The homeowner defended himself and his family.

Many people do not think of how many people they “know”. Think of all your former, and current coworkers, neighbors, people you attended college with, maybe people you see at your favorite watering hole or coffee house, and so on. We all “know” a LOT of people. And yes, some of them may be a threat in some way. The left, not caring about honesty are all too happy to create the false narrative of “people you know” to push gun control.

2 thoughts on “Most people who shoot someone shoot someone they know? So what?”

  1. I guess if it’s somebody you know, you know for sure if the sonofabitch needs shooting.
    There’s another way of looking at it.

  2. Many years ago when I was heavy into gun-related crime research I saw this, and one commenter noted, paraphrased, “Yeah, the drug addict ‘knows’ his dealer when he shoots him. One drug lord ‘knows’ another one when they do a drive by.”

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