You think the left is not out to eradicate free speech?

You damn well better think again

Former Facebook chief security officer Alex Stamos delivered his outrageously anti-American suggestion on CNN’s Reliable Sources on Sunday. Host Brian Stelter didn’t disagree.

Stamos was on the hardcore, left-wing CNN “news”  to discuss the current political climate and lamented that people “are able to seek out the information that makes them feel good,” and that incentivizes outlets to “become more and more radical.”

The Facebook exec went on to point out that OANN and Newsmax practice too much wrong think to continue being allowed to remain on America’s cable systems (video and transcript below)

“One of the places you can see this is on the fact that you now have competitors to Fox News on their right, OANN and Newsmax, which are carried by all the major cable networks, who are trying now to outflank Fox on the right because the moment Fox [News] introduced any kind of realism into their reporting, immediately a bunch of people chose to put themselves into a sealed ecosystem,” Stamos continued. “They can do that both on cable. They can do it online, and that becomes a huge challenge in figuring out how do you bring people back into the mainstream of fact-based reporting and try to get us back into the same consensual reality.”

Well, how special. Leftists are now going to rid us of having to think, or decide what news sources we take in, because only they know what is “reality”. Go read it all, it gets worse

Watch here

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