Twitter’s grotesque hypocrisy rages on

So, Old Jack over at Twitter will not allow hateful, inciteful postings. President Trump is banned forever, his tweets deemed dangerous, yet look at what the New York Post found

Of late, much attention has been focused on acts of censorship by Twitter. What has garnered far less attention is what Twitter chooses not to censor, and the examples are shocking both in content and in the hypocrisy that Big Tech shows in its effort to destroy Twitter’s competitor, Parler.

Amazon, Apple, and Google have all acted to shut Parler down supposedly because it hosts calls for violence, but a simple search of Twitter shows that it regularly allows such calls itself.

Twitter hosts a #KillTrump hashtag. In all of the glorious English language there is no clearer, plainer, or shorter way to call for violence than the word kill followed by someone’s name. But there it is. One of these tweets reads “#ArrestTrump not enough #KillTrump.” And this isn’t new, back in June the hashtag #AssassinateTrump was bouncing around the website with gems like “Someone take this clown out NOW.” That tweet is still up.

Go read it all, many more examples are documented in the piece. The Iranian leader threatens to destroy Israel Another Twitter account “Pigs In A Blanket, Fry Em Like Bacon,”, which calls for killing police is OK with Twitter as well it seems. The trash thugs of Antifa have accounts, but the president did the unforgivable. He actually called for supporters to protest PEACEFULLY, so, he had to go because moral retardation!

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