Insurrection you say? I say bullshit!

Oh those Democrats, trying to manufacture another fake crisis they can exploit to drive the nation further left. Mike McDaniel ain’t having it!

What’s an example of an insurrection?  The Civil War.  What’s not an example of an insurrection?  A few hundred Antifa/BLM agitators, reinforced by some attention-seeking dimwits, out of a crowd of a quarter million Normal Americans, hanging out in the Capital Building for a short time, throwing around a few papers, and doing a little theft and damage.  What didn’t happen was gunfire—except for an apparently panicky Capital cop shooting a female veteran–arson, and all the other hallmarks of the “mostly peaceful protests” to which Americans have become accustomed.

May I, gentle readers, suggest the most accurate contemporary definitions for sedition, insurrection and treason?

Sedition: doubting the integrity of an election based on voluminous and convincing evidence, and daring to write and speak about it.

Insurrection: entering a government building, hanging around for a while, and leaving it intact.

Treason: telling the truth about corrupt politicians.

Go read the whole thing. The truth is the strongest weapon we have against Leftists And Mike McDaniel is, unlike way too many spineless Republicans, not afraid to wield that weapon. These weasels are all too ready to say uncle every time a Democrat Marxist starts the smearing. And, McDaniel points out that Trump’s speech, the one that “incited” the riots, was not even over when the miscreants breeched the Capitol

But Orange Man Bad incited riot! Sedition!  Treason!  Insurrection!  Double bad/not good think/speak!  He must be impeached—to hell with due process–to save democracy before he leaves office in a few days!  Not so much:

Given the speech’s length of about 1 hour and 12 minutes, it ended at about 1:12 P.M. Eastern Standard Time (EST).

As noted in the ABC News article, Trump’s speech was delivered from the Ellipse across the street from the south lawn of the White House.  From the location of the speech to the Capitol is a little more than a mile and a half.


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