Wednesday Reflections

I must admit, I am too angry, agitated, frustrated to write at the moment. Well, without having every third word be a curse word anyway. So, I will link others that are commenting, venting, etc.

From Bear Creek has a few posts you should check out

Lin Wood? Is he just nuts or what

Personally I do not trust the SOB

Kamala Harris really is a piss poor liar PISS POOR

Also, Stacy McCain notes that SJW’s are even bigger liars than Kamala

Of course, to be entirely fair, Leftism is all a bunch of manure so….

And, also, how did this ass hat EVER get to where he is?

On Sunday, a Democratic representative — who also happens to have been a pastor for 37 years — gave an official prayer to open the 117th Congress. With great pomp and circumstance, he closed his prayer by invoking “the monotheistic god,” Brahma, and the god who supposedly goes by many names. He then concluded with the most asinine thing I have ever heard. He ended with “amen … and a-woman.”

AH, this is what we can expect from the Democrats isn’t it? The Pit of Absurdities is wide open now. Maybe, just maybe listening to buffoons like this, and doddering moonbat Pelosi and her absurd “rules” for the House will teach this nation that Democrats have ZERO good in store for this nation. MAYBE!!

Mike McDaniel also is outraged about what the Democrats are up to

Circa January 6, 2021, America has a great many pressing problems.  These problems affect hundreds of millions of Americans.  Among the most pressing, most in need of rapid and rational resolution are: complete vaccine dispersal to those most at risk, restoration of the economy, maintenance of America’s energy independence, maintenance of America’s national security, restoration of American’s faith in our electoral system, and keeping taxes low and government small.

It therefore makes perfect sense, in the deranged logic of the DC Beltway, that the incoming Harris/Biden Administration and the D/S/C Congress are determined not only to disrupt vaccine distribution, but to disperse it on social justice, not public health, priorities.  So too are they determined to destroy our energy independence and our national security.  They also plan to render voting irrelevant to cement their eternal grip on power, dramatically raise taxes and expand government to control every aspect of American’s lives.

GO read the whole thing

Daniel Greenfield gives us more bad news about the difference between votes cast, and votes counted. We are all Stalinists now I guess

As Republicans began pushing back against the rigged election, a quote about voting from Joseph Stalin began circulating on social media. “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything,” is how variations of it went.

As soon as the quote went viral, the media’s fact checkers tried to suppress it.

USA Today’s fact checker rated it as false, claiming that Stalin had never said it based on speaking with two history professors at Vanderbilt University who vowed that they never heard of it. One of the professors, who serves as the Director of Undergraduate Russian and East European Studies, ranted that it was, “an example of American right-wing paranoia, active manipulation of public opinion, or outright and fascism”. 
Truly a quote worthy of Stalin.

But had the ‘fact checker’ and the professors just checked Oxford’s Essential Quotations, they would have found it. You don’t need a PhD or a fact checker title: just a modicum of integrity.

Again, go read it all

One thought on “Wednesday Reflections”

  1. America is dead.
    You look around and you don’t see it?
    Systems take time to show decay.
    Two seconds after a B-17 over germany in 1944 lost a wing to flak somebody inside might say “so far, so good”
    A second later the spin started and down he went.
    The decay will accelerate.
    And the sewers of history are waiting for us.
    We failed.
    And now Western civilization will fail with us.

    Don’t ever say it was a struggle.
    1775 was a struggle.
    The last 100 years were one abject surrender after another.
    No balls, no glory. And no freedom.
    Nobody shot a leftist as Thomas Jefferson put it. Manure. That’s what they are.
    America surrendered to the left because of nothing.
    Better red than dead?
    The survivors will have a chance to find out.

    Let’s have the decency to not lie about how America died.
    America dropped her sword and knelt so her murderer would have an easier time cutting her throat.
    America’s death is the most un-American thing in history.

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