So, now White writers are RAAAAACIST!!!!

Remember kids being color blind is the new RAAAAACISM because WOKE AS FUCK!

On his Substack last week, Matt Yglesias tried to throw woke piranhas a bone by supporting the idea of picking what kids read in school according to the tired identity categories of race, sex, yadda yadda. The discussion resurfaced with a Wall Street Journal article noting teachers — like librarians, publishing houses, corporate news media, and the rest — banning books based on authors’ skin color and sexual preferences, now in the name of “antiracism.”

This isn’t new. “Hey ho, hey ho, Western civ has got to go” was the chant Jesse Jackson led at Stanford University back in the 1980s, and it succeeded marvelously. Nowadays, classic literature is as hard to find in schools as a public prayer. At this point, it’s a miracle there are any classics left in schools for wokesters to ceremonially burn. Probably they have to smuggle them in first.

It is easy, and fun to mock such stupidity, but this type of brainwashing, disguised as, empowerment, is hurting kids. No one should teach any child to judge ability, talent, quality, or worth because of race.

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