Totalitarian Leftists want “lists” of “micro-aggressors”

Moonbattery sounds the warning

So many people warrant cancelation for being “racists,” the “antiracists” are compiling lists:

A UK activist who calls herself the “Black Panther of Oxford” wants to create a “race offenders” registry that would bar alleged racists from getting work or living near communities of color.

Sasha Johnson, 26, divulged the agenda for the Taking the Initiative Party, a political group in the UK that’s inspired by Black Lives Matter.

Say anything leftist militants don’t like and you may find yourself unemployable. “Microaggressions” — imaginary slights that militants take offense at in the absence of any actual slights — are grounds for cancelation.

Yells Johnson:

“A lot of racism happens at work and places of education in a micro-aggressive way,” she added. “If you exhibit an element of bias at work, you should probably receive a warning first [before later being added to the register] so people know in future that you hold these views.”

So, this Fascist would be merciful and allow “warnings”? Pass this around folks, this is what the Left IS. These people, given the power would be, as bad as Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, or Hitler. Their thirst for complete authority can never be slaked.

3 thoughts on “Totalitarian Leftists want “lists” of “micro-aggressors””

  1. I’m retired, so not concerned bout ’employability’, but have kept up on my shooting skills.
    Come on down, be the next contestant on “What’s My Effective Range!”

  2. The irony is that if she succeeds, sooner or later she’ll be on her own list. We saw it happen in the French Revolution, we’re seeing it happen in a less violent way here in America.

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