2 thoughts on “*VIDEO* President Donald Trump Explains Exactly How The DemoNazis Rigged The 2020 Election”

  1. Yes….anyone with the IQ of soap knows the left cheated….BIG TIME. And most know HOW it was done. But in modern America Clown World facts, evidence, proof…..none of that matters. The left has infiltrated, corrupted and suborned EVERY meaningful part of the system. They OWN all of the mechanisms tasked with holding them accountable under the law. They are going to get away with this theft, Basement Biden will infest the White House and then turn the keys to the country over to Kamala The Kommie who will drive a stake through the heart of what’s left of America. Our ONLY choices now are surrender, submit and be enslaved or cross the Rubicon and kick off a civil war… probably one of the nastiest and most destructive thing imaginable.

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