The false promise of “equality”

The Other McCain ponders the left’s ongoing infatuation with “equality”

Comrade DeBlasio last week declared: “I’d like to say very bluntly our mission is to redistribute wealth. . . A lot of people bristle at that phrase. That is, in fact, the phrase we need to use.”

The subject, believe it or not, was K-12 schools in New York City. How could anyone view public education as having a “mission to redistribute wealth”? 

Please go read it all, and see where “equality” leads. Yes, it is a sweet promise isn’t it?, But, it leads to destruction of good thing like success, and ambition, and the realization of life-long dreams. Equality, the kind the buffoons like DeBlasio envision, requires for the government, and people like the Mayor of New York of course, to have, and to use power to decide what “equality” means. And, of course, that means that individuals become not merely unimportant, but an obstacle. Equality, to Collectivists requires everyone to be the same, individualistic thinking? Oh no, that must be stamped out, because equality demands the State decide what each person needs, and doesn’t, and then begin to take and redistribute as it deems just. And no, your money will not be the only thing they take and redistribute.

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