To the NBA, and it’s “social justice” BS

Lebron, and all the rest of the NBA just love to bash America, the police, gun owners, and Conservatives but they also line up, kneel and kiss China’s Communist asses. FUCKING HYPOCRITES

The NBA has made a whole bunch of money in China. NBA Stays Quiet on Chinese Slave Labor – Washington Free Beacon

Some 85 percent of China’s cotton exports come from Xinjiang, where at least one million Uighurs are currently detained in camps, an action that some Republicans say is tantamount to genocide. [SNIP]

The NBA reaped more than $500 million in Chinese revenue in 2019 and inked a $1 billion deal with Beijing tech giant Tencent to exclusively stream games in China. NBA China, a separate entertainment arm of the league, was valued at more than $5 billion by one sports consulting firm in 2019.

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