Another incompetent added to Biden cabinet

Diogenes considers Mayor Pete filling potholes

Reuters has reported President-elect 46* has been informed he picked former primary opponent and staunch surrogate Mayor Pete Buttigieg to be his Transportation Secretary, with the important task of insuring a good ride and filling nation’s potholes.  How Buttigieg serving two terms as mayor of small town South Bend Indiana qualifies as valuable knowledge on transportation issues is only our guess.

Mayor Pete beat out several others with extensive experience including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, butt Pete has some serious chips to cash in with Biden after his crucial endorsement ahead of the Super Tuesday primary elections in March.  

Political payback? YES! Qualifications? NAW! Not needed! I mean actually fixing problems is not even a concern is it?

Besides Mayor Alfred E. Neuman can piss away tax dollars as well as anyone else right?

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