Once again Educrats and assorted idiots try to torpedo our nations founders

Via Bearing Arms

The Falls Church, Virginia school board unanimously approved renaming Thomas Jefferson Elementary School and George Mason High School at its meeting on Tuesday evening, declaring that “schools must be places where all students, staff, and community members feel safe, supported, and inspired.”

Board members didn’t explain why attending class at schools named after two of the most important Founding Fathers would make students feel unsafe, uninspired, or unsupported, but the fact that both Jefferson and Mason were slave owners appears to have been the impetus for renaming the schools.

This is, to put it bluntly, idiotic. I have no idea if renaming the schools will make students and staff feel safer or more inspired, but I do know that attending school in a district that’s afraid or ashamed of Thomas Jefferson and George Mason is going to make people dumber.

God bless Cam Edwards for this next use of historical knowledge

Yes, both Jefferson and Mason owned slaves, but they were also men who were outspoken about the evils of slavery, and their efforts in both the state of Virginia and the new United States to secure the ideals of individual liberty helped to end the practice decades after their deaths.

YES! Wise men like Mason and Jefferson knew they could not change slavery then. Yet they, and others like Franklin, Madison, Henry, and the other founders put in place a Constitution based in principles, like individual liberties, that would eventually conquer the evil of slavery as well as make many other changes possible. The left, of course, in pursuit of their Collectivist ideals, see nothing except cancel, evil America

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