From the Who Could Have Ever Possibly Seen This Coming File…………….

A Satan worshipper is released by a judge and then commits murder? Shocking? Not to The Other McCain, who reminds us, yet again that crazy people are in fact dangerous, and that maybe granting such dangerous folks low bail is, in fact, also cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs

This has become a pattern in Houston, Texas:

According to a victim’s advocate, Derrick Mike has become the 70th person in Harris County to be murdered by a suspect out on felony bond.

The suspect, 23-year-old Edward O’Neal IV, had been charged in the 2016 slaying of his friend Ryan Roberts in a case that drew international attention since O’Neal claimed to be a worshipper of Satan.

Records indicate O’Neal had confessed to several people including his mother that he had stabbed Roberts to death. Family members told police and media that they knew O’Neal worshipped the devil, and his mother stated that he had killed two family pets.

Robert’s family believed the killing was part of a satanic ritual and said the teen had been “hit” in the back and stabbed multiple times while he begged for his life.

Now, remember what I said about low bail for accused killers?

On December 5, O’Neal was arrested and charged in the shooting death of Derrick Mike, reportedly his cousin’s boyfriend.

After being shot multiple times on November 28, Mike was able to describe the suspect to police before his death the following day. Police also say O’Neal confessed the shooting to his mother. . . .

Andy Kahan, Victim’s Advocate for Crime Stoppers Houston, has been tracking victims murdered by suspects out on either multiple felony bonds, bond forfeiture, personal recognizance (PR) bonds, or failure to revoke bond since 2018. Kahan lists Derrick Mike as the 70th victim and told The Texan he was shocked by the bond given O’Neal this year.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’ve never seen a bond that low given for a murder charge,”

Again CRAZY = DANGEROUS! Be sure to go read the whole thing

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