Sunday Blogging Links

Unity you say?

Go ahead LAUGH

Femme Fatale?


Antifa does not exist?

Biden Bizarre Admission

The BLM Chickens are coming home to roost


More Election Dysfunction

Calling out the Idiotic Idiots

Snippy little bastard isn’t he?

Did this turd pop up again?

It is Sunday, LAUGH already

Cartoons that make unfunny points


What the Hell is a Link Swarm? Find out!

In shockingly unshocking news…...

Women! Guns!

The destruction of small businesses

Laws we should not need, but………..

Good Morning Indeed

I will miss these rallies

Yes, BLM is still trash

Still NOT Funny

Yes facts can be FUN

When men are women, and women are men


1984 as a blueprint, be afraid

The real radicals

Taxation as a weapon

Ever notice Progressives are regressive?

Women and Fruit?

A different Christmas Story

Then the bastards came for Christmas

Reagan warned us……….

Quick Bits

The “Great” Reset?

Yes Social Justice is just Communism


John Kerry ” Hope you do not expect any lube America”

Oh Twuck Fitter!!

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