This never happens, except when it does

The Cult of Gun Control dearly loves to mock the notion that armed Americans can stop armed criminals. But, as Zendo Deb notes the Cult of Gun Control denies reality, because that is a huge part of what cults do

That thing that the gun-hating left says never happens… Philadelphia customer walks in on robbery at takeout restaurant, shoots suspect dead: police | Fox News

Police said three employees were inside the Wingstop in northeast Philadelphia Sunday when a 53-year-old man walked in wearing a mask and gloves around 10:30 p.m. The suspect allegedly pointed a gun at them and demanded the employees hand over the money from the cash register drawer.

A customer walked in, and the bad guy pointed the gun at him, demanding his phone.

The customer pulled his own gun and fired one shot at the perpetrator, striking him in the neck, said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small

So, it does happen, and it happens a lot, yet, the Left pushes to deny it. Ask yourself why, and come, to grips with this fact. The Left pushes gun control because their aim is not safety, it is control, of you.

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