Wrestling legend Undertaker retires after 30 plus year career

Father Time never loses

At the 2020 WWE PPV Survivor Series, The Undertaker retired from wrestling. The Dead Man has been a main event attraction for three decades–a crucial component to WWE’s ascendance as a global juggernaut. He is an irreplaceable attraction–a performer with a fantastical gimmick, who evolved it numerous times over 30 years to remain relevant.

In the second half of his career, he became much more than his gimmick. His in-ring work evolved into something exceptional–much more than “Undead Western Zombie” would have demanded. No longer simply a “big man,” he became an incredibly well-rounded performer and backstage leader. He mentored and guided both contemporaries and younger performers and became a symbol of longevity in a business where careers end quickly and men die young.

Now, we’re at the end of the road. And if this is the end–the last time we see The Undertaker in a WWE ring–then it is truly the “End of an Era” that WWE has been promoting for the past eight years.

One thought on “Wrestling legend Undertaker retires after 30 plus year career”

  1. Many other people with a wrestling background told me that he seldom if ever screwed up. It might have been twice, one with Stone Cold. He practiced and worked well with wrestlers/staff both

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