A Totalitarian wannabe explains how to re-educate millions

Frightening this is folks, but it is the real face of Leftism, the most destructive force on earth

THIS amounts to a state run media, ala the Soviet Union, this is the dream of the left

4 thoughts on “A Totalitarian wannabe explains how to re-educate millions”

  1. So how would they react to the following?

    1) FCC revokes the broadcast licenses of CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, PBS and their affiliates until they can demonstrate lack of partisan political bias
    2) Apply hate speech laws (despite their unconstitutionality) to BLM, SPLC, Democrat politicians like AOC
    3) Remove legal protections from Google, Facebook, Yahoo for editorial control of content and revamp US libel law to be more like UK law make the NYT and WaPo liable for their error-ridden content
    4) No more than 10% of high school graduates eligible for college or university, and strict limits on numbers of certain college liberal arts majors; meanwhile restart the draft for everyone with required 4 year commitment, and a requirement to go to college is that you served in the military
    5) amount of college loan aid available depends upon the course of study and likelihood of being able to repay the loan

  2. The first item in his rant sets the stage and exposes his absolute ignorance. NONE of the networks have or need FCC licenses, they aren’t broadcasters. Only the local stations are under FCC control.

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