Yes, Communism must destroy history before it can grab power

Moonbattery takes note of Chinese Communists erasing Mongolian history

Leftists across the world wage war on history. “The future is certain,” they used to joke in the Soviet Union. “It’s the past that keeps changing.” In the USA, we have the 1619 Project, launched by the New York Times to discredit America by warping our history. In China, ideological compadres of the NY Times go after Genghis Khan:

In Inner Mongolia, stone tablets on the great emperor have been painted over or destroyed in Hulun Buir, and his portraits removed from schools, while the CCP tries to rewrite history.

Inner Mongolia is under occupation by communist China. Its population is in the process of being displaced by the Chinese.

Until recently, the memory of Genghis Khan was a matter of pride for those living in Inner Mongolia, and the Inner Mongolia Museum in Hohhot assembled an internationally famous collection of documents and works of art connected with the great conqueror.

Things, however, changed with Xi Jinping. On the one hand, the Chinese president is trying to rewrite history, downplaying all elements and characters in the history of China who were not Han Chinese. On the other hand, Xi Jinping believes it is now time to “sinicize” Inner Mongolia and to eradicate Mongol culture and language, of which Genghis Khan is a symbol.

Xi Jinping is no different than the leftists trying to eradicate history in America. Same tactics, same intent

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