2020 Election

A MUST READ from Mike McDaniel

Let us remember first and foremost, Joe Biden is no more the “president-elect” than Bugs Bunny is.  There is no such thing as “The Office Of The President-Elect.”  That was a fraudulent invention of Barack Obama, now equally fraudulently foisted on the American public by Gropin’ Joe Biden and the D/S/C media.  No one will be president-elect until after the Electoral College–the Electoral College D/S/Cs are hot to abolish–meets and so finds on December 14—if that actually happens.

In considering calls for President Trump to meekly concede “for the good of the country,” let us also remember Al Gore’s revocation of his concession and his bad faith whining thereafter when he legitimately lost.  And no, that election and this are not remotely the same.  At no point in those 37 days was Gore ahead in the vote count, and his lawyer eventually admitted his whining about counting every vote was a lie.  Votes were counted as many as five separate times.  They only wanted to count votes in counties that would give Gore an edge.  Bush’s victory was followed by a media funded recount hoping to prove Gore actually won.  They found—surprise—Bush legitimately won.  That set the stage for 2016 and a D/S/C Party/establishment that not only never acknowledged Donald Trump’s  legitimate victory, but to this day are engaged in a coup to remove him, and more, to punish anyone daring to oppose their political views.  

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