Leftist fools refuse to admit that leftism destroyed Venezuela

Pirates Cove has the story

What has climate change led to? Riots, uprising and tyranny

In ‘Fossil Free’, Sumant Sinha writes about the social and economic impacts of climate change, especially in oil-producing countries.

Venezuela is said to hold the world’s largest supply of crude oil and natural gas—what once seemed like a perennial cash cow for the petro-state. However, today the country is running out of food, its currency (the bolivar) has plunged, inflation has soared, and its hospitals are overcrowded. Contributing in no small measure is the political crisis that has taken the nation into endless riots and killings. So what caused Venezuela’s rapid descent into chaos? Opinions are divided on possible reasons, including misgovernance, subsidy-based state welfarism and even US-sponsored stoppage of technology transfer. But the consensus points towards the plunging price of oil, Venezuela’s main revenue earner.

Good Freaking Grief!! William Teach tries to set these idiot steaight

In 1992 Venezuela was one of the richest nations on the planet. Then they decided to elect a hardcore socialist, who was going to give them everything free. Then they started cracking down on their people, shooting them in the streets, and people couldn’t get beer, toilet paper, or food. They were eating zoo animals. That’s not climate change, that’s Modern Socialism, the very thing Warmists want to install around the world.

Go read it all, and maybe take some Goodys Headache Powders first

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