Black Lives Matter, of course, could not care less

The Communists of BLM only care about Blacks deaths they can exploit, Blacks killed by black thugs? Bah!

Yeah, it was the gunshot wounds:

Dallas-based rapper Melvin Noble a.k.a. Mo3 has died after being shot by a suspect who chased him on foot on I-35E Wednesday, sources close to the investigation told CBS 11 News.
Police said the incident began as the victim was traveling on northbound I-35E at Clarendon Drive just before 12 p.m. A suspect got out of a vehicle armed with a gun and began approaching the victim’s vehicle, according to police. Police did not say if the vehicles had been stopped.
Police said the victim, who sources identified as 28-year-old Noble, also got out of his vehicle and began running southbound on the freeway. The suspect chased the victim and fired multiple rounds at him, striking the victim at least once, police said.

The Other McCain also notes another Black life that BLM gives not the first fuck about

Since we reported Friday (“Rapper Killed by ‘Systemic Racism’ and Semiautomatic Pistol Fire, But Mainly …”) on the death of Dayvon Bennett, a/k/a “King Von,” Atlanta police have moved forward with their investigation of the homicide of the Chicago-born rapper. On Saturday, they arrested Timothy “Lil Tim” Leeks, 22, on a felony murder charge.

Leeks, who is from Savannah, was reportedly part of a crew associated with Atlanta rapper Tyquian Terrel Bowman, a/k/a “Quando Rondo.” In the wee hours of Friday morning, outside a hookah club in downtown Atlanta, some kind of quarrel broke out (reportedly over a woman) between King Von’s crew and Quando’s crew. What began as a beatdown quickly escalated into a shootout captured on video.

Lives wasted, thrown away, and ignored by BLM

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