3 thoughts on “Welllllllllllllllll”

  1. He used the word “substantial”. This is lawyer code for doing nothing. The other side just has to argue that the irregularity was not “substantial” and thus,, no investigation is needed.. The problem, you don’t know if it is substantial till you investigate it. The old run out the clock catch 22. He’s a tool of the swamp.

  2. No chance in hell Barr does a damn thing. He couldn’t put together even 1 indictment for the hundreds of felonies he has tapes of BEING COMMITTED ON TV that we all witnessed. He’ll announce in a few days that they “Can’t find any evidence of intent to commit election fraud” and it all goes away along with any hope we have of staving off a Harris presidency.
    His announcement was the kiss of death for the Trump reelection bid.

  3. I have no faith in this man. I believe he is just another swamp creature who will runout the clock on this just like he did on the Durham investigation. “Do not want to interfere with the election”…indeed

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