Surrendering to voter fraud is NOT going to protect the Republic

Daniel Greenfield shares wisdom

There are two types of defeatism percolating through the GOP and the ranks of conservatives.

One is the familiar form of establishment defeatism. The election is over. Let’s concede, and move on.

And against that, the response is plain and clear. Conceding to fraud and a rigged election, listening to transparently phony calls for unity from the socialist party that has been toppling America’s Founders and burning cities, while declaring that anyone who isn’t one of them is a bigot, is not an option.

Elections are not settled by the media

Conservatives, and all Americans, have a duty to fight for a free and fair election, and for the process that ensures that it’s free and fair. 

It’s not those who refuse to concede who are endangering free and fair elections, but those who insist that when the media calls an election, then there’s nothing more to say and no further process to follow.

That’s an un-American attitude. 


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