President Elect? Joe Biden vows to destroy all the good things President Trump did

Oh but of course he does

So what precisely does Biden have in mind for his first days in office. Oh, nothing much.

Joe Biden has a lot of plans for his first day as president, and some of it can actually happen in a single day — a fair amount of which he can set in motion right away even though Democrats have so far fallen short of capturing the Senate.

Biden has promised to rejoin the Paris climate agreement, reverse President Donald Trump’s rollbacks of public health and environmental rules and call allies worldwide to reassure them, all on his first day in the White House. Before that day is done, he says he will put in place a national strategy for containing the coronavirus pandemic, rejoin the World Health Organization, end the ban on immigration from several predominantly Muslim nations and expand rights for Latin American asylum seekers.

Biden has also promised swift action on housing, labor, gun control, LGBTQ rights and government reform.

Oh boy, where to start. Tom Knighton focuses on Dementia Joe’s hatred of your guns

Biden has been open about his desire to enact an assault weapon ban that basically recategorizes modern sporting rifles as Class III firearms. In order to keep your weapons, you’ll have to pay a $200 tax stamp. That’s going to be more than some people are in a position to pay. Their choice is to either become a criminal or give up their guns.

That’s by design.

Further, they know that a lot of people have more than one AR- or AK-pattern rifle. They know a lot of people have five or six or even more. There’s a good chance that $200 per firearm is going to end up being thousands of dollars for many. Again, the attempt is to force people to turn over their property.

That, of course would only be the tip of the iceberg. Those “high-capacity magazines would likely be targeted, which would mean targeting the guns that accept those magazines, and look for ammo bans, and maybe limits on how much ammo someone an buy. We all know the ultimate goal, that has not changed one bit. The aim is to eventually disarm the citizens.

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