The Good Kid Narrative

The left thrives on narratives and messaging, not facts. Using this strategy allows the left to paint reality as they want you to see it, not as it is. When it comes to “racial justice the left paints America as, say it with me, systemically racist. The narrative of the good kid comes into play in a major way here. Every time a police officer shoots, or “profiles”, arrests or even pulls a young person of color over that person is automatically is transformed into a good kid, and, therefore a victim of America’s “systemic racism”. No matter what the facts show, the “good kid” narrative negates it because AMERICA RACIST!

Zendo Deb gives us a great example here

“I do not think it means what you think it means.” 3 Teenagers Killed After Minneapolis Police Chase

Actually in this case, it is two words: Good kid.

“My son was a good kid, my nephew was a good kid, the other little fellow that was in the car he was a good kid but how can they show the society that they was good kids if they don’t have nothing to do,” he said.

So. Three “good kids” carjack a woman “with force” and then run from police, though maybe they were only just driving in a stolen vehicle. Just exactly how would you define a “bad kid?”

The definition, of course is whatever furthers the leftist narrative. Think of all the narratives we have seen this year, ever since George Floyd’s death. Every single one took a legitimate news story and created a narrative, facts be damned, context be damned. The media, naturally, should be digging into these stories to provide context, facts, and insight, but should be is long gone it seems. The narrative is all the matters now. And that narrative has led to looting, violence, destruction, arson, and yes, to deaths. But, again, the narrative reduced the lawlessness to “mostly peaceful protests”, and to a “fight for justice”.

So, now, we look at narratives, and facts? They are no longer allowed. The narratives must be groomed and allowed to grow and replace objectivity, and truth. And, yes, this is the tactic the left uses to “cleanse” America. And by cleanse, they mean cancel.

One thought on “The Good Kid Narrative”

  1. Yep, good kids always hijack cars. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, OWN IT, GOOD KIDS DON’T STEAL SHIT………. KARMA BABY

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