The Election Fiasco/Fraud/Theft?

Fritz has some very good info and thoughts

Well, all the major newspapers and networks  (yes, including Fox) and have called the election for Biden, so they can now start calling him “President-elect Biden”. This despite several state still counting an in doubt, waiting for law suits and possible recounts (almost certain in Georgia). He is not really President-elect until the electoral college meets and votes, but never mind. Smitty at The Other McCain has some advice: Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

First and foremost: #StopTheSteal. We do not deserve to have the Left piss down our back and tell us it’s raining.

In the alternative case, we’re in better shape than 2008. The leadership vacuum that crippled the Tea Parties is filled by Trump.

A fully weaponized, free range Trump is going to destroy the Left. Watch him . . .

We’ll see. Anxious helpfully reminds us Trump’s odds of winning through a recount are nearly impossible. But I agree. Shifting more than 10K votes in a recount is very difficult unless someone can find good evidence of a  of major ballot fraud, and get a large number tossed in a consistent direction. And, of course, the left is starting to whine Here We Go Again: What Happens If Trump Refuses To Concede The Election? (Karen Townsend at Hot Air).

3 thoughts on “The Election Fiasco/Fraud/Theft?”

  1. NOT.MY.PRESIDENT. EVER!! Senile corrupt treasonous pedophile wouldnt know what day it is or where he’s at right now unless someone told him. Bastard.

    Total fraud & deception,this has been in the planning stage since 2016 & set in motion starting this Spring.Who in their right mind would even think of ”mail in” ballots being anything but a complete disaster? The draconian lockdowns,compliance by the vast majority of ignorant sheeple in this Republic & the worthless leftist ”news media” all played a part in what we are facing right now.

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