Joe Biden is who he is

H/T 19th Ward

Of course, Mr. Noir is correct, this is not, and never has been about reducing violent crime. It is about disarming Americans. Zendo Deb points out that Democrats do not have a real passion for stopping violent felons

It is not just a problem for Chicago, but impacts people in other states. Man on electronic monitoring in Cook County now wanted in Ohio, where he is accused of pulling gun on deputies

A Chicago man released on electronic monitoring while awaiting trial on murder charges is being sought in Ohio after he allegedly pulled a gun on sheriff’s deputies during a traffic stop there and then evaded arrest.

Juan Torkelson, 28, was charged in Cook County in June with first-degree murder and attempted murder in the fatal stabbing of one person and the wounding of three others in a 2019 attack on the Northwest Side.

So he was arrested for murder, and instead of being held without bail he was released with electronic monitoring. That hasn’t proven to be particularly effective at anything. Maybe it is good PR or something.

Despite the monitoring, he ends up in Ohio threatening a pair of deputies with a gun, when they try to pull him over.

And such stories are far closer to the norm, than the exception

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