Steve Kerr, great basketball coach, moral idiot

Kerr is, in my view the third best coach in the NBA, not that I can even watch the NBA anymore. I tried to watch some NBA Playoffs this past year, but I could not take it. Watching great athletes playing a great game while trying to tolerate the BLM lies and propaganda that were front and center was too much. Besides the Stanley Cup Playoffs were going on and they were, as usual awesome, and they went on with barely a hint of Marxist clap trap and America bashing. Still I appreciate how good a coach Kerr is. But when it comes to reality, Kerr is a gibbering idiot, and that is being generous

Steve Kerr wasn’t shocked to hear of another Black man killed by law enforcement, and neither was Lloyd Pierce. They’re NBA coaches, Kerr with the Warriors and Pierce with the Hawks. They’re also activists.

They’re achingly familiar with such incidents as that which took place Monday in Philadelphia.

Walter Wallace Jr., 27, was shot multiple times by multiple police officers in Philadelphia. He was waving a knife while experiencing a mental health crisis when he was killed by officers standing at least 10 feet away. His mother went from begging the officers not to shoot to wailing in agony as her son dropped to the pavement.

The incident was, of course, caught on video. It’s nauseating. It’s too routine in America.

“We’ve come to expect this sort of thing,” Kerr said. “The disturbing thing, the most disturbing thing, that is even after the social justice movement, all the protests and even after all the anger and the outrage, these incidents are still happening.

“There’s got to be an alternative way of meeting the needs of mental health issues, rather than going in with a SWAT team, guns blazing.”

Well, I watched the video, and do not remember SAWT being there, but Kerr was being a typical gun control activist, and using drama to replace reason, so lets ignore that and move on to the realities Kerr rails against. Tom Knighton, at Bearing Arms sets excitable Steve straight

First, let’s address the fact that Wallace was having a “mental health crisis.” That may well be the complete and honest truth. However, it also doesn’t matter nearly as much as some people want to think. If someone is having a mental health issue, they may need help, but that has to come secondary to the safety of other people.

I know it sounds harsh, but it’s true. You can try to talk them down, but you’re simply not going to have time to do it if they’ve decided instead to hurt someone for whatever reason.

Further, law enforcement isn’t remotely able to judge whether it’s a mental health episode that will fizzle out in a few seconds or if the subject is going to kill people. They have to act. If they don’t and people die, what do you think the headlines would say? Honestly, the cops were in a no-win situation.

Second, let’s address the whole “officers standing at least 10 feet away.”

Note in the video the officers are backing away, asking Wallace to drop the knife. They tried their best, but what are they supposed to do, allow Wallace to stab them, or an innocent bystander? And, guess what 10 feet is in terms of someone threatening people with a knife CLOSE!

Folks, it takes no time at all to clear 10 feet. For example, a slow time in the 40-yard sprint is about six to seven seconds. That’s slow for the NFL, at least, but probably decent for most people. A good time in that is around 4.5 seconds or faster. Now, that’s 40 yards.

10 feet is just a smidge over three yards.

Frankly, I think Kerr would really benefit from taking some training that shows how quickly police are forced to decide on use of deadly force Ten feet? NOTHING

Steve Kerr is speaking from emotion, and ignorance This gentleman, a retired officer, is not ignorant, and explains clearly why the shooting of Mr. Wallace was justified.

Note that YouTube has flagged the video, just click through and watch

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