Remember a Short Fascist is still a Fascist

Diogenes focuses on the perverse fantasies of Robert REIIICCCHHHHH

The last time we visited one of our favorite kickball of the past, the former Clinton toadie Robert Reich, he was on the CNN spouting crazy, claiming the anti-Trump protest were actually a right-wing plot to delegitimize liberals. Needless to say, we had a real field day with that one. So much so, one loyal DMF reader humorously accused me of abusing short people.  But undeterred, today we again visited Dr. Reich’s Booster Seat and what struck us as one remarkable tweet that has gone unnoticed.
Like a miniature villain from a dystopian future science fiction movie, Reich is proposing that when DJT is removed from office we create a form of a Ministry of Truth, totalitarian “commissions” & “committees” to identify, expose and punish DJT supporters and anyone that dares to oppose leftist ideals. He isn’t even attempting to disguise it.
And here people have been hunting all over the internet for the Fascist’s and there was one right here out in the open posting on twitter.

Go read it all, and understand that Reich is not kidding, he is serious, make no mistake, and no, he is not alone

2 thoughts on “Remember a Short Fascist is still a Fascist”

  1. Delusional sawed off Marxist midget. I’ve thought he was a worthless piece of shit every since first hearing his name back during the Clintonista Regime in 1993.

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