The Knuckle Dragging Left

These people are morons

Students at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse reported conservative sidewalk chalkings around campus to the school as hate incidents.

The phrases included slogans like “Trump 2020.” Students also reported seeing the phrase “UWL Backs the Blue.”

Melissa Touche, a “social justice reporter” for the Racquet Press, spoke to several students about what she characterized in her news report as “discriminatory phrases.”

One anonymous student told Touche, “This incident felt like an attack on my identity and presence on campus.”

Another anonymous student “immediately felt fear” when they “saw the ‘Trump 2020’ and ‘UWL backs the blue’ chalking on the sidewalk.” The anonymous student said that as someone who “holds multiple marginalized identities,”  it is important to have “people out there who will support and stand in solidarity.”

“The Trump 2020, UWL backs the blue, etc. messages definitely did not make me feel safe,” said the student. “Quite the opposite, actually.”

I truly cannot imagine what is wrong with these kids. They are driven, in every way, by emotional retardation. Everything triggers them. EVERYTHING! We are not talking silly college kids here, or those kids making foolish choices, not being fully mature. No, we are talking actual mental illness. They literally worship offense and victimhood

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