Your latest look into the Abyss of Leftist Stupidity

Good Freaking Grief

Perhaps the most idiotic argument the leftist geniuses spout. The number of ways this will end badly is astronomical.

The officers would have to worry about protecting themselves, bystanders AND the social worker

There would be more innocents hit by stray bullets, It is not easy to, under stress, hit a suspect center mass, even when they are standing still, much less in the leg. So, yes, there would be more cases of stray rounds and innocents becoming casualties. Shoot ’em in the leg? This ain’t the movies folks

Also, “shoot them in the leg” advocates ignore some basic facts, like the major arteries in the human leg. Ever heard of the femoral artery? The obturator artery? Maybe they would mandate that police not hit those arteries? Maybe the officers not capable of such shooting wizardry would be punished? That would be great for police morale.

Suspects would also be able to harm, or kill officers, and the social workers, bystanders while the officer is trying to hit the suspect in the leg, while of course missing the arteries in the legs. While the officer is trying, again, under extreme stress to be a expert shot, the suspect can harm or kill the officers, or anyone else nearby.

Just use your common sense and think of how many more ways this would end badly. A person having a mental health crisis being shot is tragic. But, expecting police to engage in trick shooting will not ever be realistic. Fact is I have watched lots of videos of police engaging with people in mental health crisis. In every case, I saw the officers doing everything possible not to use deadly force. Tragically, some were left with no choice but to use that type of force

Cam Edwards of Bearing Arms offers up some great thoughts on this as well

This honestly sounds like something that an 8-year old would come up with, not the Democratic candidate for president of the United States. Even worse, this isn’t something that Biden’s brain hacked up on the spur of the moment on Thursday night. As I said earlier, he made the exact same suggestion more than four months ago as part of his pitch to Black voters in his home state of Delaware.

One thought on “Your latest look into the Abyss of Leftist Stupidity”

  1. I tire of repeating what seems to be obvious: the only justifiable shooting is a shooting the DA would rule as a justifiable homicide. because the shot at can move, and move to a place where the shooting will be fatal.
    this should be right up there with “sit on toilet with pants below knees before taking a dump” in the things we all figured out for ourselves department.

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