Radical “professors” deserve the same level of tolerance they afford others

That level would be zero!

At a symposium hosted by Texas A&M University at Commerce, titled, “What the Truth Sounds Like,” Professor Donna Ford argued that one of the significant problems in education is White females. She also noted that diversity of “skin color” is not enough, considering that she wouldn’t want “Clarence Thomas teaching my damn kids.”

“There is a monopoly on education, where White females being about 85 percent of the teaching force, and then you know pretty much the same thing with white administrators. So White females I’m speaking to you, and I’m saying you’ve got to get your sh- stuff together,” said Ford during her lecture.

She would continue, “But you got to get your stuff together because you know what, you’re the problem, and then you’re the major problem.” 

Yeah “they” are the problem, sure, not brain washed professional race pimps like Donna Ford. Ford, of course casts hate towards anyone who thinks differently from her, pretending they are the problem

Ford clarified to Campus Reform her opinions, saying, “Just because a person, an educator is black, does not mean they’re authentically black and have racial pride, and that’s why for example I used Clarence Thomas.” 

In her lecture, Ford, called for “more required” training on “equity, diversity, and inclusion”, calling it a “disgrace for any university to not have professionals, students, from all professionals get training in equity, diversity, and inclusion.”

“It needs to be at least 4 classes,” Ford added.

Sure, so everyone can be as re-educated as Ford is, as hateful and bigoted as Ford is. Just once Ford should confront the hatred the face in her mirror spreads

One thought on “Radical “professors” deserve the same level of tolerance they afford others”

  1. “equity, diversity, and inclusion” are indoctrination
    i sent my kids to school to be “educated”…..you know….reading, writing, arithmetic….geography….science…..biology…. stuff no public school has time for these days because they are too busy “teaching “equity, diversity, and inclusion”

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