Soooo, people lining up to vote is voter suppression?

These people have 50 cards in their decks, and twelve of those are jokers

Long Lines at Georgia Polling Place Prompt Hysterical Accusations of GOP ‘Voter Suppression’

Footage showing long lines of enthusiastic early voters in a Georgia county drew predictable cries of “voter suppression” from Democrats and Twitter pundits, while election experts said such allegations were baseless and lacked context.

A 70-second video of the line to cast early votes at Gwinnett County station on Monday, shared by an Atlanta Journal Constitution reporter, had racked up over 7.5 million views on Tuesday, with plenty using the footage of those waiting to decry the system.

Democrats seized on the opportunity as a PR stunt to promote their own legislation and cast the long line as evidence of Republican voter suppression.

“Republicans have spent decades making it harder for Americans to vote, and we’re watching the results play out in real time,” Senator Ron Wyden (D., Ore.) tweeted, pivoting to promote his own piece of legislation — which would pay voters $100 to wait in line for at least 90 minutes.

“These hours-long lines to vote are the *deliberate* design of gop leaders and rightwing judges to steal the voting rights of communities of color and a threat to democracy in every community,” Representative Bill Pascrell (D., N.J.) added.

3 thoughts on “Soooo, people lining up to vote is voter suppression?”

  1. One thing to remember about early voting is that the number of locations is usually limited to board of election offices. We only have one in our county. The number of voting places on election day is at least 4 dozen in my county. So, if you vote on election day there are plenty of voting locations, unlike early voting with limited locations and therefore a higher incedence of “long” lines.

    There is not voter suppression.

  2. Apparently Democrat leaders think Democrats have less patience than Republicans, since any long lines impact all voters, not just Democrats. I’d argue that it impacts Republican voters more, because they have productive jobs to get to, whereas so many Democrats are welfare recipients or clueless students and useless antifa-type protesters with all the time in the world to stand in line. They certainly had the time to riot and demonstrate.

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