Cory Booker REALLY has DRAMA!

He really is as disingenuous as they come

Cory Booker has really made a name for himself as the US Senate’s leading drama queen. The senator, who laughingly ran a campaign for president caused a huge reaction as he screeched about “reproductive rights” and the Affordable Care Act in today’s Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings. In fact, all the Democrats stayed on script beating up Coney Barrett over the ACA, the unafordable care act.
As Judge Amy sat there silently, she must have thought it was a damn circus and laughed a little under her mask at the spectacle of Democrats’ attempts to preach about legislation like the ACA, knowingly good and well that Supreme Court Justices don’t enact or write legislation. 

Go read it all, and enjoy Booker getting spanked like the intellectual lightweight he is

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