Joy Reid Marxist Moron for the Ages

We all understand that the left tends to go nutty when a Republican wins the White House. But Donald Trump’s election has driven the Marxist left totally bonkers. There perhaps no better example than Joy Reid of MSNBS fame. She redefines Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs

MSNBC’s Joy Reid is pushing the idea that President Donald Trump’s Wuhan coronavirus is a hoax. The so-called “motivation” for the ruse would be to get out of the next presidential debate, which is scheduled for Oct. 15. It was a clear nod to the Presidential Debate Commission contemplating whether or not debate moderators should have the ability to cut off the microphones of disruptive candidates.

Reid posted her conspiracy theory on Twitter on Friday:

BatShit Krazy! But Joy has made a career out of feeding the far left nuts so…………..

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