Racial Obsession Syndrome strikes UNLV

Teaching Black students to embrace paranoia and to wallow in self-pity

he University of Nevada-Las Vegas recently announced a plan for a “healing space,” specifically geared toward Black students. 

On the university website, UNLV posted a short announcement about the effort. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, the space for the discussions will be open online per email request with the mediators of the program. 

“The Black Students Healing Space is designed to be a safespace for students who identify as part of the Black/African American Diaspora to process, to heal, get support, and share resources,” the university said.

With the healing space comes an environment open for discussion topics. 

According to the webpage spotlight, the discussion topics include an array of subjects relating to Black identity including “dealing with racial trauma, responding to microaggressions, managing relationships, parenting in a racially charged landscape, maintaining physical and mental health, navigating racist environments, responding to racism in academics and employment settings, and maintaining safety in racist situations.”

When you translate this mumbo jumbo, what you find is nothing but ore examples of pushing students who are Black to immerse themselves into their ‘”identity” as if nothing is important besides their skin color. They will also be re-educated to believe that every hardship, or hurdle they ever encounter is because of RAAAAACISM. This is the recipe the left pushes. Victimhood, oppression, and self-pity, balanced with slavery to their “identity”. In short the left is pushing Blacks, and other minorities to believe that they are only “authentic” if they think and vote certain ways. If they fail to do so, if they dare think outside of that box, then they are traitors. Again, another example of how leftism destroys everything, and everyone it touches

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