No, by definition you are a useful idiot

Marxists love fools

During an online lecture focused on “Undoing White Supremacy in the Language Disciplines,” a professor from the University of California-Santa Barbara introduced herself as being “a white American” who is, therefore “by definition racist.” 

The professor encouraged audience members not to let anyone tell them they differently.

The September 11 webinar was put on by the University of Wisconsin-Madison doctoral program in second language acquisition. UCSB Professor and Chair of the Department of Linguistics Mary Bucholtz was invited to “discuss the white-supremacist and colonial underpinnings of linguistics, applied linguistics, and the modern languages, both historically and in the present day.”

“I am personally committed to continuing to learn how to be less racist. As a White American, I am by definition racist. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I know there is this sort of rhetoric of White people in the United States rejecting the label of racism but I think we need to acknowledge that, and do better,” Bucholtz said during the webinar.  

What a maroon as Bugs Bunny would say. These leftist tools go through life either hating themselves for being White, or hating White people for, yes being White. It is skin color nothing more, if these miscreant buffoons really want to be “anti-racist” then they need to accept that people, ALL people are individuals, and should be judged on deeds, not pigmentation. In short, they need to reject the Racial Obsession Syndrome the Marxists have infected them with

2 thoughts on “No, by definition you are a useful idiot”

  1. If you’re “by definition a racist”, then why bother trying to do better since you will NEVER BE better? And, btw, WTF??? If the definition of racist is determined by race, then the definition and those who use it ARE RACIST. “By definition”. The actual definition not the SJW definition. Shouldn’t you be out kneeling before some BLM rioters–oops–protesters?

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