And you ask why I call gun control advocates cultists?

Via Bearing Arms

Durham, North Carolina Mayor Steve Schewel doesn’t seem bothered by either the dubious constitutionality or the pragmatic concerns about gun control, however. As shootings increase in the city, Shewel’s embraced a gun control agenda that’s aimed squarely at the city’s legal gun owners instead of the small number of violent criminals driving the mayhem and misery.

He said he is asking for the state to allow cities to ban guns in parks, trails, restaurants, bars, and school parking lots.

He is also calling for background checks for all gun sales, for automatic assault weapons to be banned, and for ammunition to be taxed…

“This is not about taking away a hunter’s rifle or the right to bear arms,” Schewel said. “If we’re serious about getting a handle on it, we’re not going to stop it until we cut off the supply of guns to people who are committing crimes.”

Oh of course, it is NEVER about taking away guns, except that is exactly what it is as Cam Edwards explains

Look at what Schewel’s proposing here. Banning legal gun owners from both public and private property? Telling a woman who’s a concealed carry holder that she can no longer carry when she’s running on a trail, or telling a restaurant owner that he can no longer have his firearm with him when he’s in his own establishment?

Of course anyone who can chew bubble gum knows damn well that these measures would dissuade not one criminal. Rather it would encourage more crimes, but the Cult of Gun Control will never grasp that.

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